Ride Rules

Bayside HOG Ride Rules
1. To Participate in an official HOG ride, your motorcycle MUST be in a safe roadworthy condition and be registered. You must be riding a Harley Davidson, have the appropriate motorcycle licence and be able to ride at the speed limits. (There are certain designated rides where less experienced and/or non-Harley riders can attend).
2. Arrive early, at least 15 minutes before departure time, with a FULL tank of fuel and be ready to move off 5 minutes before departure time. Let the Road Captain know if you plan on leaving the ride early other than at scheduled morning tea or lunch stops.
3. The Road Captain always leads the group and must not be overtaken unless instructed.
4. We ride in staggered formation in one lane of a multi-landed road. The Road Captain will choose the lane. Leave a 2 second buffer between you and the bike in front around town, 3 seconds out of town (see diagram). For corners, ride single file (not staggered) to get your cornering line, and allow at least 3 seconds between you and the bike in front of you.
5. Be aware of your braking distance from the vehicle in front of you and respect the other riders' blind spot.
6. When the Road Captain stops to let everyone re-group, stay in position and be ready to move off when ready to do so. The Tail End Charlie will go to the front of the group so that the Road Captain knows the group is together. The Corner Marshalls will move to the front of the group with the Tail End Charlie.
7. When the Road Captain indicates to you to stop as a Corner Marshall, wait in a safe and visible position and direct the following riders until the Tail End Charlie indicates to you to re-join at the rear of the group.
8. All slower riders, learners and slower bikes must ride at the rear of the group in fairness to other riders. If you find yourself holding up other riders that are following behind you, wave them past and ride at the rear of the group.
9. When a rider pulls out of the group and off the road (whether due to mechanical or other reasons), that rider will be attended to by the Tail End Charlie, the remaining riders in the group should continue on, if your bike breaks down, indicate early and get off the road as soon as possible.
10. You may change your position in the group when it is safe to do so, NO overtaking on the inside (left of another rider).
11. The Road Captains and all group members must adhere to the road rules and speed limited at all times. In the interest of safety, the Chapter Ride Rules must be adhered to when participating in an official Chapter ride.